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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

The Recovery Action Learning Laboratory (RALLY) was originally created to assess recovery efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.  We are focused on primary data collection, monitoring and evaluation, and the building of local and neighborhood capacity to utilize information for advocacy and recovery action.  The kinds of information collected by RALLY include demographic change, well-being of residents, and output and input levels of programs. RALLY uses the information to adjust and create programs for residents in affected areas. RALLY is commited to sharing all information collected with the communities from which it was drawn; assessments are intended to not only guide RALLY's collaborative activities, but also empower neighborhood residents and agents to take a hand in the recovery and revitalization of their own community. RALLY began conducting neighborhood assessments in New Orleans in early October of 2005 and continues to conduct in-depth interviews with residents in order to facilitate the recovery process.

Current Work

RALLY is currently involved in a number of projects.

  • With the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, RALLY has been collecting data in the Hoffman Triangle, facilitating the activities of the Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood Association and establishing a Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood Knowledge Center for the purpose of leveraging information for neighborhood advocacy and recovery action.
  • RALLY has been conducting household level needs assessments in three designated neighborhoods (Central City, Treme, Bywater) for the New Orleans Police Foundation in order to provide primary data to facilitate the implementation of future Weed and Seed programs.

Past Activities

RALLY first began assembling its members in Baton Rouge immediately following Hurricane Katrina. Initial research activities included monitoring the Louisiana State Emergency Operations Center and the Federal Joint Field Office. In conjunction with Louisiana State University, RALLY also began research on lessons learned from previous catastrophes. As soon as New Orleans opened for the return of residents, RALLY began assembling around the city. In early October, 2005, RALLY began its neighborhood assessment in the neighborhood of Black Pearl. The rapid visual assessment of each house and business in the neighborhood included documenting visual information on the apparent inhabitability/usability of the structure (i.e. evidence of damage from flood, wind, fire, etc.), evidence of return, and evidence of residents/owners inhabiting the house or operating businesses. With increasing student support and availability, RALLY expanded the rapid household assessments to the Treme and Irish Channel neighborhoods. Assessment of the Treme neighborhood revealed the lack of open businesses and need for basic necessities such as food. This led to the collaboration with St. Augustine Church (one of the few operating organizations in the neighborhood) and Second Harvest Food Bank. This partnership opened the Makin’ Groceries in Treme Food Pantry on November 15, 2005. To date, not only have food services been provided, but a sense of community and the building of relationships have also been established through this monitored process.

Other past activities:

  • World Vision and RALLY collaborated to pilot a disaster recovery project (the Tremé Neighborhood Project) by working with the Tremé community to become better equipped and supported to successfully navigate through immediate crises, restructures and alternative development scenarios.
  • RALLY has worked with Mercy Corps on the Neighborhood Capacity Collaborative (NC2), which aims to support partner neighborhood associations in building their organizational capacity to effectively serve their mission and achieve progress towards neighborhood revitalization.
  • Save the Children has contracted RALLY to continuously monitor and evaluate the impacts of psycho-social programs implemented in schools along the gulf coast.

Core Team

Dr. Nancy Mock, Dr.P.H.
Founder and Director

Laura J. Haas, MBA PhD
Sr. Technical Advisor

Adam Papendieck, MPH
Technical Advisor

Sophia Curdumi, MPH
Project Manager


Nancy Mock

Nathan Morrow
Vice President

Victor Papai
Sec Treasurer

Contact Us

RALLY Foundation
6056 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

tel: (504)621-5840
toll free: (800) 239-6706


To donate to RALLY, please contact Nancy Mock:

toll free: (800) 239-6706

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