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Articles and Websites

Articles and websites assembled for the meeting on Post-Katrina Neighborhood Information Initiatives.



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New Orleans' and Participants' Websites:

Central City Renaissance Alliance (CCRA):

City of New Orleans Office of Recovery Management:

Greater New Orleans Community Data Center:

Greater New Orleans Nonprofit Knowledge Centers:

Harvard Kennedy School Of Government: Broadmoor New Orleans Recovery:

LSU Post-Hurricane Katrina Research and Recovery Work:

Neighborhood Partnership Network:

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority:

Policy Link:

The Rally Foundation:

Tuck Business School Dartmouth:

General Resources and Organizations in the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership:

Atlanta: The Atlanta Project:

Boston: Boston Foundation Boston Community-Building Network:

Cleveland: Center for Urban Poverty and Social Change

Mandel School for Applied Social Science

Case Western Reserve University:

Denver: Piton Foundation:

Indianapolis: United Way Community Service Council, Indianapolis:

Milwaukee: Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

Neighborhood Data Center:

Oakland: Urban Strategies Council:

Philadelphia: Reinvestment Fund, Philadelphia:

Providence: The Providence Plan:

NNIP Urban Institute:

The Urban Institute: After Katrina:


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